Community Impact Award

The Milford Massachusetts Foundation for Education will recognize two (2) community members who have made contributions which strengthened the educational opportunities for the children of Milford.  To nominate an individual for this award, please review the guidelines below, complete and submit the online application.

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Congratulations to 2018 recipients, Maureen Hutchins & Thomas Mantegani!

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Maureen Hutchins - What prompted you to nominate this individual?
"When I read about the Community Impact Award nomination in the paper, the first person I thought of was Moe Hutchins. When I think of the positive effect Moe has had that strengthened the educational opportunities for my children, my mind goes to the contribution she made on a daily basis to their social-emotional comfort while riding the bus to school. We all know the difference one person can make to set the tone for one's day. Moe was the first person they would see each morning as they began their school day. Driving the bus is the action of her job, but I believe that the connection she makes with her riders and their families reaches far beyond transportation. She cares about the children of Milford. Moe will do whatever it takes to set a child at ease, to reassure parents, to consider the emotional support that she can provide that will make the transition to school a little easier. Over the years, there have been several circumstances in which I have looked for reassurance about a variety of things connected to my children's emotional wellness and Moe has been that person who has gone out of her way to listen and help. She is the contact person between home and school that families see each day. In many ways she is the liason. One example to illustrate this was when our youngest daughter had gone on the Wachusett ski program on a Sunday night. She had taken a large homework project that reflected 3 weeks of work on the bus with her to try to finish it up. When she got home that night she couldn't find it and it was due in the morning. She was completely distraught despite my offering to call the teacher and explain the situation. We got to the bus stop and told Moe about it in part to explain why my daughter was so upset getting on the bus. By 10:00 that morning Moe had tracked down the bus driver who had driven the Ski Club bus, located my daughter's project, driven it to Middle East and handed it to the Assistant Principal and asked him to walk it down to my daughter's class. He simply said to my daughter upon presenting her with her project, "Isn't Moe the best?". I would have to agree with him. With four children spanning eleven years from the youngest to the oldest, we have many stories like this to share about Mo. I have often regarded her as such an integral part of my children's success in the Milford Public Schools. We relied on Mo to provide a safe, supportive and predictable beginning to our children's school day. She not only delivered, but went above and beyond to be there for our kids.


Thomas Mantegani - What prompted you to nominate this individual?
"Tom, also known as Mr. M, has been volunteering to read to classes in the Milford Public Schools every single week for 45 minutes for the last 25 years. I have been fortunate enough to have him volunteer in my classroom every Friday since September 2011. He comes in every week, excited and eager to read to my class. He shows students how valuable books are and fosters a true love for reading.  Reading aloud to children has such a huge impact on children, especially those struggling to read independently. Only 17% of parents of kids ages 9–11 read aloud to their children, yet 83% of kids ages 6–17 say being read to is something they either loved or liked a lot. When students get to third grade, the shift from learning to read to reading to learn occurs. Listening to books is often replaced with independent reading and reading for enjoyment begins to decline, especially with struggling readers. Having someone other than your teacher come in week after week on their OWN time, just to show kids how enjoyable reading can be is absolutely invaluable. Not only does Mr. M model fluent reading, he lets students experience the joy of the story. He stops to discuss the vocabulary they encounter in each chapter and helps students to visualize what is happening in the story so they can better comprehend it. Decades of research shows that reading aloud to students daily is one of the most important activities for

reading success and there is no better way to enjoy a book on a Friday afternoon than with Mr. M."

Who is eligable to receive this award?
Any community member who you believe has had a meaningful, positive impact on the educational opportunities for the children of Milford.  
Milford Teachers are not eligible to receive this award - instead, your might consider nominating 
them for the 
Outstanding Teacher Award offered by the Senator Louis P. Bertonazzi Foundation.  
Immediate family members of the selection committee are not eligible to receive this award.
The Milford Massachusetts Foundation for Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

What is the criteria for this award?
The ideal candidate:
- has made meaningful contributions to the educational opportunities
for the children (any age) of Milford.
- has a history of consistently making similar contributions. 
- Taken on a leadership role in their efforts and inspired other volunteers.

Preference will be given to candidates who:
1. Have impacted the greatest number of children.
2. Made their contribution(s) during their personal time.

Please email with any questions!

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